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The first session is mostly upper body, although each session strengthens the lower back in the first session you will feel the difference and you will notice the difference.

The second session is mostly the lower body but again back work and neck work is in every session. The legs, ankles, feet and back are addressed.

The third session is the side session, upper back ribs and hips are addressed neck and back are present in every session.

The fourth, fifth, and sixth session are about creating a horizontal pelvis and concentrate on the adductors, iliopsoas and sacrum.

The seventh session is mostly head and neck and TMJ and areas around the head and neck are worked.

The 8th,9th, and 10th session address the shoulder and pelvis and balance the bodymind due to all the changes made. We go back and tie up any lose ends. We concentrate on any areas that may need more work even after the first seven sessions have been completed.

The first 3 sessions are available as a miniseries and can be a beginning of a new body for you.

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