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            Obvious and Significant Results You Can Feel the Difference

One Session of My Work is All it takes for You to Feel the Difference 35 years Experience can bring to the table

rolfing: the integration of human structures

Fascia; the Organ of Structure

​Click on the image of fascia above and see it Magified in the body 25X as a moving seperate organ.

Dr Andrew Still ( founder of Osteopathic medicine) and Dr Ida Rolf were the first prominent doctors of their time to recognize the importance of connective tissue. Fascia is the organ of posture and is a important transport system of the body it carries nutrients and removes toxins on a cellular level.

"There are different kinds of fascial layers; the superficial fascia, it can stretch in any direction and adjust quickly to strains of any kind.The deep fascia is a denser layer. In a healthy body its smooth coating allows neighboring structures to slide over one another. However following poor habits or traumatic injury, layers adhere to one another- they seem to be glued togeher. They no longer slide, but cause adjacent structures to tug on each other, thus contributing to general weariness and tension."

"As fascial tone improves muscle that moves can really legthen and improve function; flexors flex and extensors extend. This is good function and is determined by good structure. The fascia takes on a tone level that makes seperation and differentation of muscles possible"

Rolfing-the integration of human structures. Dr. Ida Rolf


Gravity & Ground Force Reaction

For every action there is a equal and opposite reaction. Ground Force Reaction is the opposing force of gravity, once you realign the fascia and imprve the structure, your function improves. There is a bounce to your step, that is GFR. Rebalancing the legs and hips play an important part in you experiencing GFR. You can find more information on GFR on the Links page under Aston Patterning


Posture & ReEducation

Many of my clients come in thinking that the shape of their body is unchangeable, it doesnt take long to see this is not true. Our body is changing we know this but think it can only change for the worse. Gravity plays a big role here, remember Dr. Rolfs words "Gravity is either buildng you up or breaking you down but it is never neutral". In my 35 years experience I can tell you you can reverse some of the effects of gravity specifically your posture. When your posture improves it reorganizes your body in Gravity and everything else improves. In 3 sessions you will see and feel  your range of motion will increase, how you move will improve and many clients leave pain free in just a few sessions.

10 Series Recipe  35 yrs experience

The Rolf method consists of a series of sessions. One session is a start, 3 sessions balances the superficial fascia, the full protocol is 10 sessions. The full 10 sessions reorganizes the entire body in gravity. Imagine getting a new body in as few as 3 months(if not new a much more improved and efficient body). Gravity, fascia, GFR and my 35 years experience will change how you think your body ages. To see the first 3 sessions click on the link.

My work is deep but is Not Painful my 35 years experience has shown that you will get better results if the pressure is within the hedonic thereshold.

To watch video of sessions click here

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